South of Suburbia

South of Suburbia are a rock/blues band based in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.

Formed early 2005, the band have released a demo and EP ‘Drowning in the Deep End’ and are currently recording a new EP, which is currently untitled.

In the bands five year history, there has been everything from broken legs, police raids to rather pathetic band names (AYOD anyone? answers on a postcard!), the band are making steps into the scene and beyond with fresh and honest songs that deal with every day growing up and living in the suburbia of London. The band believes in no limits to the band member’s lifestyles, image, background or musicianship, and nor should anyone else for that matter use such thoughts to categorise one person to another. Hence how the growing following is a mixture of many different people from different backgrounds, and we’d like to think the band have provided something for everybody whether its taking a liking to the band’s tight funk-rock driven backbone, all the way down to the bluesy-punk thrashing on the guitar front. For some, it may be the soul and unique passion of Stewart’s vocals powerful enough to take a marshall stack to school. And of course, it could be the lyrics, dealing with the usual aspects of the ups and downs of romance, the fun and games of social drinking and growing up with a declining world around you. Whatever takes to your liking, we hope there’s something that will give you all the reason to come to a show, and enjoy the other cool factor; the warmth of people with the same reason to come watch a band with a different sound to the current top hitters in the charts topped up with the fun and games of whatever mayhem may happen on stage!

Currently signed to Duck Music Ltd, the band are recording their 2nd EP. Details to follow soon!

More info @

and our myspace


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