Did Robin Thicke steal ‘Blurred Lines’ from Marvin Gaye?

This proves how much nonesense the court case has been between Pharrell Williams and the Marvin Gaye estate in regards to Blurred Lines. These are not good times if people can be sued for being groovy!

Joe Bennett

There’s been a lot of media interest in the recently-resolved dispute over the alleged similarity between Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ (2013) and Marvin Gaye’s ‘Got To Give It Up’ (1977). The press release that started it was written by the Gaye family’s representatives King and Ballow, so the section I quote below is obviously accusatory, and the ‘evidence’ it cites appears to be based on lay listener opinion:

The “Blurred Lines” trio rushed to file their case soon after their song began attracting overwhelming attention from critics and fans about the substantial similarities that surpass the realm of coincidence to “Got to Give it Up.”  On August 8, 2013 Rob Hoerburger in the New York Times  wrote “But what I keep coming back to is the song’s choice DNA… And that bass line came right from Marvin Gaye’s No. 1 hit from the summer of ’77, ‘Got to Give It Up’.” In…

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