Happy new Year – GIGGAGE!

Happy new year one and all. So who has kept their new year’s resolution so far? :p

So there’s a few things to report this week. One is that my proper website should be up and running in the next week or so…so whenever you type in the address it should be going to that! It looks great too…well I would say that!

Other than that, Falling Astoria are playing at Native Tongue, EC1 this Thursday so if you happen to be in Central then I suggest you come on down! Details @ http://www.nativetongue.co.uk/

Failing that, if you’re in Woking Friday night, DisCovered are playing at the BeD bar; usual fun n games, plus our new singer’s first public performance. So a very busy week for me indeed.

…and then, I’m off to see Wicked at the weekend..I’m treating someone for their birthday, and I haven’t a clue what to expect in regards to green witches in black being the good guys?!


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