Lemonrock name DisCovered artist of the week


..which I personally is great..now you’re probably pondering what Lemonrock is, right?

It’s an artist directory online mainly for cover/function bands, and yeah it’s a great little site for helping with promoting say by google search, text messages, e-mails, ‘mini websites’ etc. The editor has full on control of the website and gives out these awards to big up the artist he believes suitable for it…Anyway, check out our profile below (if you didn’t already when visiting the above link!) and I’d recommend cover bands making a good go of things to sign up.


Whilst we’re talking about DisCovered, we’re currently recording some new demos for our website/agencies etc. and they’re sounding great. What we try to do with demos is record them as live as possible (with minimal overdubs/double-tracking etc.) to demonstrate a party band; hired to provide a great live sound and show, just like the recording a client hears when booking us (listen to the demos on lemonrock, its live tracking, no editing)

I’m not here to name and shame anyone but there are plenty of musicians/agencies that sell their bands (‘the best in the uk’ of course!) with an incredibly over-produced sound going on…which is all great for marketing purposes but what a let down a lot of bands are when they’re just plain average, with no magic or raw energy what so ever. Editing every drum hit, auto-tuning every vocal part, adding every parts like keys, strings section which you wouldn’t play at a gig etc. It’s a bit of a false image of something being sold don’t ya think?

Thankfully, I’ve been with DisCovered for 3 years out of the 4 and have seen it grow from strength to strength. We went from a mess-around pub band playing alternative b-sides to a party band that can get a dance floor rockin’ n rolling. We have played many weddings, parties through agencies, recommendations etc. and for companies like NHS Trust, RAF, BMW, Rover. We have also been seen by celebs such as James Corden . The band has had its up and downs, its disagreements, its good and bad times…but all in all…it was worth it, just for John in the video below…


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