You put your right arm in…

So here’s my first proper entry! Enjoy!

I Depped a show with covers band Fourtuned ( tonight for a party in Maidenhead. The band played a fairly good show, filled the dancefloor with good energy and excitement, making the evening enjoyable for all who attended the party.

As we finished our last song of the evening, we got possibly the most unusual request to play..this being ‘The Hokey Cokey’ which all the band safely said didn’t know, or had no intention of knowing the song. Beakey (vocals) encouraged us to give it a go as it’s fairly easy song (which of course it is, I V and a IV here and there progression!) and the video below is the result!

As you can probably see, the blog is still being set up, but I’ll get round to finishing off the info when I get a moment. For now, enjoy whatever is here, or alternatively, learn a little bit at the ‘Hokey Cokey’ here –



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